Would you like to mentor or be mentored in English?

Suomen Mentorit offers mentoring programs for young people with a degree in higher education or who are close to finishing their studies. The mentoring can focus for example on supporting the mentee in search for a job, on giving career advice, or on recognising and communicating strengths and skills. Mentors are experienced professionals from various fields who are volunteering to support a young person. 

Alongside the main Finnish mentoring programs, we offer the option for mentoring in English in the Metropolitan area. If you fill the criteria below, do not hesitate to apply either as a mentor or a mentee – the application periods take place in February and March!

We welcome mentors and mentees from all fields. Most of our mentors willing to mentor in English are Finnish, but it is possible to join the program without any Finnish skills. Our mentees are international students or recent graduates whose Finnish level is not high enough for effective mentoring in Finnish. Please note that most of the events organised during the year are in Finnish, however, we also organise networking events especially for mentees, and we encourage you to make the most of them. Likewise, currently there is only a limited amount of material provided in English.

Applying for the spring 2019 mentoring program – Metropolitan area

Applying as a mentor

Criteria for mentors:

  1. You have a university degree or equivalent and and several years of work experience
  2. You are in a managerial or expert position
  3. You are interested in supporting young people in getting into the working life
  4. You are able to commit to at least eight mentoring meetings during the year.

We do not require prior experience in mentoring. The most important is that you are genuinely interested in helping a young person in the start of their career!

How to sign up

The application period for mentors is 25.2.–10.3.2019. During this time you can apply through the Finnish page: Tule mentoriksi.

Applying as a mentee

Criteria for mentees:

  1. You are graduating from a university or equivalent in the next six months OR
  2. You have graduated no earlier than two years ago
  3. You are searching for a job or in the beginning of your career
  4. You are no older that 32 years

We cannot guarantee a mentor to everyone who fills the criteria, as this depends on how many English-speaking mentors we have available, and whether we are able to find a suitable match for you, but we will do our best. Even if you don’t exactly fill the criteria you may still apply, and you will be notified whether or not we have found a mentor for you.

Starting a mentoring program requires committing to the year to the collaboration with your mentor, as well as notifying your mentor and Suomen Mentorit of any changes that affect your participation.

How to sign up

The application period for mentees is 4.–17.3.2019. During this time you can apply through the Finnish page: Hae mentoria.

1. Leave your contact information

Click on the link for mentors/mentees above and leave your contact information to start applying.

2. Fill the form

You will receive an email with a link to the actual registration form. Fill it within the application period and tell us more about yourself.

3. Wait for a notification from us

We will process each application individually. The matchmaking stage takes about a month, after which we will contact you personally to let you know the result.

4. The mentoring program starts

You will be invited to a kick off session for mentees/mentors in April (week 15). Although the program of this event is in Finnish, we recommend you to sign up and join, as all our events are good occasions to network with others, or to ask any possible questions from the Suomen Mentorit team.