The mentoring programme by Suomen Mentorit

Our mentoring programmes usually last around one year, and the mentee and mentor will meet around 6-10 times. During the meetings, we recommend you to focus, for example, on the following themes:

  1. Mentee’s competencies and goals
  2. Job-hunting and networks
  3. Working life and wellbeing
  4. Mentee’s plans for future

The core of the successful mentoring experience lies in commitment. So, be one hundred per cent committed to the whole process and all the meetings if starting this inspiring journey. Of course, life is a tricky thing, and something surprising can happen during the mentoring process. You can update your working principles if necessary and contact our team at Suomen Mentorit if you need any assistance. 

For who?

Our mentees are young people under the age of 35 with a degree in higher education. Most of our mentees are aiming to find their first job matching their education. They also hope to widen their professional networks through the mentoring program.

Our mentors are volunteers with a long history in working life. Almost every third of our Finnish-speaking mentors are willing to support educated international talents also in English by helping to find their path in Finland.

Our Code of Conduct

Every mentor and mentee has an effect through their actions on what kind of an organisation Suomen Mentorit is. That is why each and every one of us is collectively responsible for the ethics in our mentoring programmes. Ethics is reflected in our daily actions and choices: how responsibly we carry out our tasks and communicate with other people, and how we take care that our actions are on a par with our principles.

Please, go through our code of conduct before applying for our programmes.

How to participate?

Our second mentoring program in English kickstarted in November 2021. The following program will start in autumn 2022.
Follow our website to be updated about the application periods.

Criteria for our mentees:

  1. You are studying at a university or university of applied sciences, OR
  2. You have graduated from a university or university of applied sciences
  3. You are searching for a job matching your education, or you are at the beginning of your career
  4. You are no older than 35 years

We always do our very best when aiming to find the most suitable mentor for every mentee. However, sometimes we are not able to find the best possible matches for every applicant.

Criteria for our mentors:

  1. You have a university degree or other matching educational background and several years of work experience
  2. You are in a managerial or expert position
  3. You are interested in supporting young talents to find their path in working life
  4. You can commit to at least eight mentoring meetings during the program

We do not require prior experience in mentoring. The key factor is that you are genuinely interested in helping a young person at the start of their career!