Our ethical principles

Every mentee and mentor are co-creating what kind of an organisation Suomen Mentorit is and what kind of an impression we make on people. That’s why each and every one of us is collectively responsible for the ethics of our mentoring programmes.

Ethics is reflected in our daily actions and choices: how responsibly we carry out our tasks and communicate with other people, and how we ensure that our actions are on a par with our principles.

We expect that our volunteer mentors and mentees follow our code of conduct:

  1. Confidentiality. The mentoring relationship is based on complete confidentiality. Our mentees must be able to share their story with their mentors without fear that, for example, it will have a negative impact on their future careers.
  2. Respect. Both parties of the mentoring relationship should show mutual respect for one another even though the mentor has more experience. The mentor takes care not to abuse their (natural) authority.
  3. Equality. Both parties of the mentoring relationship should act and behave in a way that promotes equality. We believe that everyone is equal regardless of their age, gender, disability, state of health, ethnicity, citizenship, language, religion, conviction, or sexual orientation.
  4. Positivity. Build mentorship on positive interaction. We encourage co-creating acceptance, encouragement and social support in every mentoring relationship. We don’t pressure, rebuke, criticise or otherwise intentionally offend another person in our programmes. If a mentor is unable to act positively and encouragingly, they should withdraw from the position.
  5. Honesty. Build mentorship on honesty and ongoing communication. It is crucial to set common goals and ways of working at the beginning of the mentoring programme to prevent challenges and misunderstandings. We recommend signing a mentoring agreement to add a hint of officiality and clarity to your process.
  6. Responsibility. Every one of us will act to increase mutual understanding, cooperation and trust through our programme.
  7. Safe space. We commit to follow the principles of a safer space in our programs and in all our events. Everyone has the right to feel safe as part of the activities of Suomen Mentorit and at events without fear of any kind of discrimination, harassment, sexual, physical or verbal harassment. In this way, we strive to create a space where everyone strives to build an equal and respectful atmosphere aa well as open and confidential discussion through their own activities.

Our team will support you throughout the mentoring process. If these guidelines do not apply in your mentoring relationship, do not hesitate to contact us at info@suomenmentorit.fi.