Our ethical principles

The actions of every mentee and mentor during our programmes are co-creating the common operating culture of Suomen Mentorit. Together, we bear responsibility for the ethical conduct of our mentoring programmes.

We expect that our mentees and volunteering mentors follow our code of conduct:

  1. Commitment. Mutual commitment is key to the success of mentoring and the continuation of the mentoring relationship until its end. Those selected for our mentoring programmes commit to at least 8 mentoring meetings and preparation for them. The mentee commits to work to achieve the goal set at the beginning of mentoring, and the mentor commits to support the mentee during this process.
  2. Confidentiality. The mentoring relationship is based on absolute confidentiality. Our mentees must be able to share their life story, needs, fears, emotions, dreams and goals safely with their mentors without fear that, for example, it will have a negative impact on their future careers. Also the things that the mentor shares about themselves are confidential. Open interaction built on trust from the beginning of the collaboration helps prevent challenges and misunderstandings and builds a genuine and deep mentoring relationship.
  3. Psychological safety. Every mentoring relationship is committed to build a psychologically safe atmosphere, where both the mentee and mentor can be themselves, fail, disagree and give feedback without fear of, for example, being laughed at. We commit to follow the principles of a safer space in our programmes and in all our events. Everyone has the right to feel safe as part of the activities of Suomen Mentorit and at events without fear of any kind of discrimination, harassment, sexual, physical or verbal harassment.
  4. Positivity. Mentoring is built on positive interaction. We encourage co-creating acceptance, encouragement and social support in every mentoring relationship. We don’t pressure, rebuke, criticize or otherwise intentionally offend another person in our programmes. However, respectful challenging as well as giving and receiving constructive feedback are part of mentoring.
  5. Equality. Both parties in the mentoring relationship are equal and act respectfully towards each other regardless of age difference and different experience backgrounds. All participants of our programmes are treated equally regardless of their age, gender, disability, state of health, ethnicity, citizenship, language, religion, conviction, or sexual orientation.
  6. Volunteering. The mentoring programme of Suomen Mentorit is free of charge and participation in it is based on voluntariness. During the mentoring programme, the mentee and the mentor do not co-operate commercially, and the mentor does not receive compensation for their role. This programme is also not for recruitment, customer acquisition, marketing of one’s own skills or company, or other commercial purposes. After the end of the mentoring relationship, the field of cooperation and business is, if both parties so wish, free.

Our team will support you throughout the mentoring process. If these guidelines do not apply in your mentoring relationship, do not hesitate to contact us at info@suomenmentorit.fi.