Let’s Work 2019

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Future talents want to work with you. Can you do without them?

Let’s Work

Trainee program 2019 is about to start. Are you in?

TEHDÄÄN TÖITÄ 2019 is a trainee program directed at companies, aiming to improve the employment of young graduates and thus build and develop the working life of the future.

Employing young people is vitally important considering the competitiveness and renewal of companies in the rapidly changing times. Already over 35 companies have taken part in Tehdään Töitä trainee program, creating over 450 trainee positions. We believe that in order to understand and face the challenges of the future, companies need the vision and contribution of young people. Now, and no later!

If you wish to be part of the 2019 trainee program, contact our executive director Laura Ihamuotila,
laura.ihamuotila@suomenmentorit.fi or +358 40 541 5988.

Benefits for the partner company

1. Information, skills and viewpoints from recent graduates to renew your company

You will get young talents to grow in your company and ensure a sufficient lineup of employees to accelerate growth!

2. Raising awareness

The Tehdään Töitä program is a great way to grow awareness of your company among young people with a higher education.

3. Build your employer image

You will do a concrete good deed for the careers of the young as well as support a responsible mission.

Become a Tehdään Töitä partner

1. Sign up

You will receive an extensive package explaining the campaign and how it will proceed.

2. Notify Suomen Mentorit of the open positions by February 10, 2019.

Trainee positions will be published 21.1.2019.

3. We will take care of the applicant marketing.

4. Pick the best of the top-notch applicants!

Become a Tehdään Töitä trainee

Trainee positions will be published 21.1.2019!

Participants of the Tehdään Töitä 2018 program: